Points To Consider While Buying Eyeglasses For Your Kids

It is quite a confusing task for a parent to find the right pair of eyeglasses for their child. Most of the children generally try to avoid prescription eyeglasses for the fear that it may change they appearance and their friends might tease them. If you did not buy a good pair then your child will never wear the glasses. Therefore, it is very important to find a suitable trendy pair so that your child gets fascinated to wear the spectacles.

In the past some years, the world of spectacle frames have over went lots of changes, manufacturing are now coming up with lots of durable designer frames, colourful glasses at affordable rates. These eyeglasses so trendy that you kids will love to wear these glasses. Moreover, the frames are designed as per child's comfort and compatibility.

Usually, children like cool, fashionable frames and lens no matter of what quality it is. But parents should need to ensure that the quality of the eyeglasses should be of top class and its vision should be correct as prescribed. In order to compliment and encourage your child to wear prescription eyeglasses a pair of photo chromic lenses will do the trick.

Besides, trendy frame, chromic lenses parents should also consider the material. Eyeglasses come in two main materials - plastic and metal. Before buying check if your child is allergic to any of these material. Both plastic and metal are durable but the cost of metal frames may be a bit expensive. In case of lens, plastic is more preferred than glass lenses because glasses are fragile and it may dangerous for them. These days, polycarbonate lenses are available in the market, these lenses are lighter, thinner and durable in comparison with conventional plastic lenses, but the price can be a bit higher.

Parents should also consider the bridge, the part that lies on the nose. As children have smaller nose, it does not allow the eyeglasses to fit on the nose. However, metal frames are usually made with a tight fit or with adjustable nose pads to help with this issue.

Since child may break the spectacles more often, consider opting for warranty. This will help you replace or repair the eyeglasses at low cost. Make sure the lens warranty includes a replacement provision as scratched lenses can cause glare and blurred vision, putting your child's eyes at risk.

Also, if your child wear glasses full time and cannot function without his or her glasses consider keeping a back up spectacles in case of emergency.

Shopping and Product Reviews: Fashion Style Article Category

Not everyone is able to afford themselves the latest designer Spring-Summer dresses for 2012. But everyone can look stylish and beautiful in any clothing. The trick to looking your best through any season is knowing how to style yourself. When it comes to appearance, one must look beyond the trendy clothes and actually think about how you could represent your perception through your body. This means moulding your hair, face, and every inch of your physique into a chic form of art.

One of the most important tips when dressing yourself is to think about what your activities will be for the day, and matching it with what you wear. If you're doing something athletic, it would be best if you put on one that allows movement from all angles. For this, you have the choice of going with a skirt, shorts or jersey pants. To narrow down your options, you must also consider where you are going and who you're meeting. See, if you are doing something athletic for just a while and then going out with friends for drinks afterwards, you'd want something that would enable you to move and yet adapt seamlessly as a day and night time ensemble. Then, you'd end up with a pair of shorts. But then, if the weather is a bit cold, you might want to take a trench coat with you for protection.

Additionally, you also have to think about how you can complement your garment with accessories. As a trendsetter, you should never be afraid to accentuate your body. But what you have to remember is to choose only one area of focus. If you have these gorgeous chandelier earrings you'd like to wear, then leave your neck bare and minimalize on your extremities. If you'd like to wear layers of bangles, the same thing applies with the rest of your body. Always pay attention to cut, texture, color and contrast. If you have a loud or busy patterned outfit on, you should not contradict its effects with an intricate jewellery piece. If you are wearing something that shows off your legs and arms, place your add ons on that area, for example, for your legs, you could wear anklets. If you are wearing something that's pastel, don't drown your ornaments out by choosing something of a different color. You might believe that wearing pink over pink is cute - it's actually very tacky.

Then, you have to consider your personal sensibility - how you feel, and what you want to appear like. That way, you can translate it through your outfits. See, it takes a certain level of comfort and confidence to pull off ensembles and make them look good, despite them being out of fashion. If you do not believe in what you are wearing, then you will not look good, even in expensive, trendy clothes. You could wear a vintage dress or fishnet stocking, regardless of what the fashion experts' advice are, and still make yourself look chic. All you need to do is identify yourself with the clothes, and you will wear them perfectly. Dresses for 2012 will be all about the Dragon colors, bold prints and classic-modern twists. But even with just jeans and a T-shirt, you can bet you'll still look fabulous if you follow the aforementioned tips.

Making a Style Statement With Fashion Accessories

Making a style statement with fashion accessories takes very little effort at all. Both women's and men's fashion accessories can be used to great effect whether you are looking to stand out from the crowd or just to compliment your existing style. The sort of accessories you buy will most likely be down to your personal tastes and how much money you have to spend so we're going to just talk about a few different ideas.

Accessories for women are very common and there is a huge selection available. Jewellery of course is one of the favourites and can be used to make a style statement with great effect. They say that diamonds are a girl's best friend and they make a great choice. Diamond encrusted jewellery of any kind gives a woman a rich, sophisticated look which is great if that is the look you are going for.

Handbags are another popular choice for women. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be a great way to express your style. Designer brands such as Paul's Boutique often display large logos across the side of their bags. This ensures that everyone who sees it knows what brand it is and that you are stylish and trendy enough to be carrying it.

Some brands of designer watches make a point of being a fashion statement. D&G is a very obvious example. Many of their pieces display their logo in large gold letters on the front. The same can be said for some men's watches but usually for different reasons. A man's watch will usually be judged on how stylish it is by the size and other factors like how many sub-dials it has. Of course the brand is still important though.

The world of men's fashion accessories is a little sparser than the women's but there is still a lot on offer. In addition to watches that we already mentioned jewellery can often be used. Things like thick gold chains and sovereign rings can be worn if you are looking to achieve the 'bling' look.

Professional men often look to bags as fashion accessories. Messenger bags have become more and more popular over the last few years. High quality leather messenger bags give a very up market and professional look. Similarly, men might want to focus on their wallet. A nice designer leather wallet makes a much better impression on onlookers than an old sports wallet that is falling apart.

One of the most important things to remember when choosing fashion accessories is to be sure that they match the rest of your style. If you buy accessories that don't match your clothing choices you will most likely just look silly so choose wisely!

Guide to Emo Fashion

Emo fashion can be characterized by big hair, heavy makeup, and a distinct style of dress. Often androgynous, with bright colours and eye-catching fashions, it's a look like no other. This style can be easily achieved with the right pieces and an edgy hairstyle.

Big hair is what it's all about. One of the most common hairstyles is dark or very pale hair that is cut in layers that are shorter on top, with long layers underneath. The short layers are at the crown of the head, falling to around the ears, and are teased out to create the shape, with the longer layers straightened with a flat iron to hang down past the shoulders.

Often you'll find streaks of bright colours such as pink, blue, or green layered into the bangs and the back of the longer layers starting at the nape of the neck. Also popular with this style is a patterned stripe of alternating blonde or white on the coloured streaks, resembling a feather. Sometimes this pattern is switched out for a cheetah print or any other pattern desired.

The heavy makeup favoured with this look often depends on heavy eyeliner, with a pale pink or neutral lip.

Eye shadow and eyeliner are kept either black or a very dark shade, with the eye shadow drawn out to the brow bone, and the eyeliner used to create points at the corners of the eye, making it pop from the face. Eyeliner is also applied in an equally thick line under the eye.

Emo clothing follows a few general rules, while allowing for unique style to come through.

Dark colours and layers are favoured, with flat shoes, often Converse All-Star. The style for women includes t-shirts and tank tops layered together, skirts and leggings that come down to a Capri length, and sometimes eclectic pieces such a tutus. Pink and black are the main colours, with some variation thrown in. Also popular are ties and graphic tees, brightly patterned or white belts, and black jeans.

For men's Emo clothing, the style is similar but includes more graphic tees and tight slim fit or skinny jeans worn low on the hips, and v-neck shirts.

Jewellery for this look is wristbands and lots of bracelets, particularly those with stripe patterns, metal studs, or jelly bracelets. Facial piercings on the lips and the eyebrows and the upper ears are popular, often worn in combination. Earrings are often big and bright. Choker necklaces are often worn, as well as layered longer necklaces.

With a few key pieces and the right hairstyle, Emo fashion is an easy look to achieve. The trademark pieces paired with individual style are sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

The Basics of Urban Clothing

Nowadays, on the streets of any city it is possible to come across young people clothed sharply different from the casually-dressed representatives of their age group or middle-aged men in suits and ties. Some would complement their dressing etiquette, possibly with the use of slang; to others it would seem just another branch of youth culture; and some would consider it an abomination of fashion and wonder when their neighbourhood started turning into a ghetto. So what are the main features of urban clothing?

It is possible to apply familiar terminology to this style, which is also known as hip hop fashion; such clothes in some distant way imitate two-piece and three-piece outfits. The upper part can be represented by either a sweater or a T-shirt. The tones vary depending on the person's preference, and can range from plain white to a mix of any colours. Additionally, it can depict a representation of the particular culture like an image of a rapper or have an allegorical expression sown on it. Pants are traditionally of dark or dark-blue colour, big, and might give the impression of hanging somewhat loosely. Jeans too are a variation of the style. The outfit can be made complete with the third item, a jacket, although it is not a necessity. Its length varies, and can almost reach knee level. The jacket is usually worn unzipped.

There are other articles of clothing firmly associated with this fashion. Few people go out of their houses without shoes on. In urban clothing sneakers are the norm. Whether it is just a walk, a game of ball, or break dancing, sneakers have proven themselves as the most comfortable type of shoes. Just as in the case of sweatshirts, taste decides the colour of footwear. The head can be crowned with a cap. Unlike a baseball player, a follower of hip hop fashion often wears it with the skip turned backwards or sideways.

Of course, this style even has its own jewellery. It is possible to see the adherents of the fashion wear chains, which play this role, around their necks or wrists. The metallic nature of the chains depends on the amount of money the owner was willing to invest into his dress decorations. It is not uncommon to have golden or even platinum chains, but at the same time, ones made out of ordinary metal are an acceptable substitute.

All in all, diverging perceptions aside, hip-clothing is still a genre of modern-day fashion. Also, a look at it reveals a major aspect-like other styles, it is prone to variation.

Fashion Jewellery

If you're looking to accentuate a stylish look, fashion jewellery could be the perfect solution. From bangles to necklaces, there is a huge array of potential choices that can make your style stand out from the crowd.

Bangles and Bracelets.

If you want to complete a simple summer look, why not try bangles or bracelets? Large wooden bangles finish off a bohemian summer dress style perfectly, while thin metal bracelets give a subtle elegance to evening style choices. If you're an avid festival goer, retain your entry bands with pride. At the end of summer a wrist covered in various bands perfects an alternative look.


Underused but effective: Watches are an individual way to complete a look. A sophisticated thin gold watch fits an evening dinner, while bigger, bolder plastic watches suggest a playful style. Try matching a coloured plastic watch with skate shoes or sports trainers for a cute, flirty style.


A firm favourite: Necklaces can accentuate a range of fashion styles. With a plunge neckline, try a matinee or opera necklace. These long styles of necklace will emphasise your plunge and add a touch of class to any style. If you're looking for a subtle choice, try a choker. Chokers add a subtle emphasis while not detracting from the rest of your outfit. If you're looking to complete a summer look, try a lariat necklace. Lariat necklaces with their length and loop style are perfect for summer festivals and street wear.


Similar to necklaces, pendants can add character and reveal a little of yourself through your style. If you're geek chic try a retro pendant; miniature glasses always work well. If you want to complete a vintage look, use a clock pendant. Clock pendants can be found in a range of sizes and styles, but my favourite is a small ornate clock, embellished with beautiful design. Pendants are incredibly versatile so don't restrict them to your neck wear; A great range of earring pendants are available, so use them as you see fit!


If you don't want to take focus from what you're wearing, earrings are ideal. With so many to choose from it is really up to you to see what works with your outfit. For subtlety, choose a stud style earring, or for the ostentatious, try a dangle earring. In summer, dangle earrings are great for accentuating a simple style, and in winter stud earrings can complete a look with elegance.

Remember to let your style speak for yourself, and always choose the right fashion jewellery to match your character.

Motorcycling Clothing

"I want your boots, your clothes, and your motorcycle" to quote Arnie as the Terminator. He was right to steal the clothes from the biker, because motorcycle clothing is an essential consideration.

The absolutely critical thing to consider of motorcycle clothing is its safety. It is no good to be wearing jeans and a t-shirt, or thin jacket while on a motorbike. The harsh truth is that if, although hopefully not, you have an accident, these clothes will not protect you well at all.

Your head is the most important part of you to protect, in case of an accident, therefore a helmet is the most important piece of your equipment. Go to a local equipment shop and try one on, try ten on, try them all on until you find one that fits properly. It should not slip around when your head moves, even when it is unbuckled and should also be comfortable to wear for long periods of time. You can use a spoon to press down the foam a fraction if a helmet is otherwise a perfect fit, but it is important not to compromise in this area. Consider also visors - tinted visors can reduce visibility but will also help reduce glare from the sun. Consider carrying spares in a saddlebag so you can always be wearing the optimum type.

Once this is done, you can consider proper clothing. Looking good is obviously important but seeing as you're on a motorbike, you're going to be moving fast and hard to see clearly. Special motorbike leather jackets are tanned for strength and are much thicker than 'normal' leather jackets. Riding leathers should also be reasonably snug, because loose clothing can cause rashes or chafing. If the best quality leathers you can find aren't your favourite colour, never mind - your safety is crucial!

Textile gear is also available but my personal preference is for leather due to the increased levels of protection that it offers.

Boots are quite simple to get fitted properly - after all, I am sure you have bought shoes before and the process is essentially the same. One thing to consider is the weather of the environment you will ride in. Do you need your boots to be warm or breathable or waterproof, etc.?

It is always worth splashing out a little extra on more expensive equipment, to get an extra safety feature because you only have one life and motorcycles are an inherently dangerous mode of transport, as I am sure you know. Safe riding!