How to Transform Your Dress With Fashion Accessories

The beauty of wearing a dress is that it suits all occasions. Whether you are wearing a tailored dress or a simple little black dress, it can be suited to fit your needs. You do not need to buy the most expensive dress on the rack; all you need is to transform what you already have. By using fashion accessories you can feel confident in what you are wearing.

I have more accessories then I do dresses. I make my accessories make my outfit. By tailoring your accessories I choose to be dressed-up or dressed-down. If I have a day event to go to but need a more formal approach for evening, I do not change my whole outfit but rather bring with me a few key pieces of accessories. This can be as simple as changing out my shoes and putting on a nice necklace and earring.

For a more dress-up appearance, consider wear drop down earrings, chandelier earrings or a simple pearl earring. Think about pulling your hair up into a twist or a chignon with a beautiful hair clip. Make good choices on your shoes. It can be a high heel or low, which ever you choose, make sure they are comfortable, as there is nothing worse than that painful blister.

Use a small purse or a clutch bag is much classier then "the big purse". If you are wearing a tailored dress a scarf is a nice accessory to wear to soften the look of all those tailored lines. A pin can make a dress make a statement. If you only have a black dress sitting in your closet, but are thinking of a fun fresh look, choose more colourful accessories. Then at night time choose the more reserve, classic pieces.

For a more dress-down appearance you can consider hoop earrings or ones that are more fun and colourful. If you choose to wear a necklace, this is where you can let your personality shine. There are a lot of great necklaces out there in all different styles that can make or break an outfit. Your hair can be in a simple braid or consider wearing a nice sunhat with your chosen dress. Sandals or low heels would be appropriate.

In the end, it is all about being true to you. Feel confident in what you wear and trust me people will take notice. Make your personality be said through the fashion accessories that you choose. Take the dress you have and have fun with it, then sit back and enjoy all those compliments that will be coming your way.